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Cheryle Arnold
Web Services & Conference Production Manager
202.659.4620 x15

Kristin Bromberg
Marketing Manager
202.659.4620 x28


Mary Cadwallader
Director of Membership & Business Development
202.659.4620 x19 

Bill Cramer
Communications Director
202.659.4620 x26


Neil Gray
Government Affairs Director
202.659.4620 x14

Patrick Jones
Executive Director & CEO
202.659.4620 x21


Wanda Klayman
Deputy Executive Director
202.659.4620 x22

Terri Lankford
Membership & Business Development Manager 
202.659.4620 x11


Cindy Norcross
Database Manager
202.659.4620 x20

Harry Smith
Office Manager/Meeting Registrar
202.659.4620 x10


Anna Sohriakoff
Meetings and Special Projects Manager
202.659.4620 x12